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Your dog would abolutely love to join our gang today!!  If only he or she were able to use a phone or computer to contact us to set up a meet and greet.  Indeed a conundrum!


Angus is a very affectionate, sweet boy who absolutely loves being outside.  Inclement weather has never stopped Angus from achieving his daily goals of playing fetch, tug-o-war or swimming in the ravine!  He and his best pals Berkeley and Sawkin are always on the go.  Racing across a field after a ball or chasing sticks keeps Angus fit and healthy and his ability to snag balls out of the air makes us think he should be recruited by the Blue Jays!  Don't let his tough exterior fool you however, he can be a real softy!


We are always over-joyed when our little buddy Bailey comes to visit!  He absolutely loves cuddling up on the couch or bed!  When it's time to play however, Bailey brings it!  He loves to roughhouse with his pals Sadie and Iggy.  Wrestling with us is also a favourite pastime because, despite his small stature, he can be one rough and tough combatant!  When he has tired us out, he often goes and seeks out the cat who he loves to play with and who, in turn, loves to play with all the dogs.


If you have a ball or anything to eat, Bella will be your best friend!!  She is a sweet, fun loving girl who will lick your face off if you let her.  When she isn't playing with a tennis ball at the park, she loves exploring on her own but still fits in lots of time for her friend and neighbour Rocket.  Bella waits in the window seat each morning for her walker's arrival and, when she was out of comission awhile back with a sore knee, we were told she would cry when the walker's car came and went to pick up the other dogs on the street :(  Poor girl!  We missed you too Bella!




Berkeley can run at darned near the speed of sound!  He is frequently the first to any ball except when his big brother Angus gets a head start.  He pauses briefly when a new dog pops by to say hello and sometimes discovers a new friend but, pretty soon, it's back to work and the game begins anew.  Berk is hilarious when he gets in the car!  He makes sure to give everyone a big kiss when he enters, much to the chagrin of some, and gives a few extra to his best pals!  Like his cousin Angus, he prefers to work at the park but, at home, can be a real suck!



Affectionately known as "Mr. Wigglesworth", Charlie may well be the happiest dog on the planet!  If his behind isn't wiggling, he must be sleeping because, while awake, he is in constant motion!  Charlie loves playing with his buddy Iggy, chasing a toy across the park or snuggling up as close as he can get.  When Charlie boards with us, he squirms his way in between us to maximize his potential attention intake.  He is a character!


A better houseguest and affectionate friend you will not find.  Dundee has a gentle heart but still loves to play rough with his best friend Lucy.  Dundee is a super sociable guy who makes sure he says hello to every dog and person he comes across at the park.  He is happiest when he's chasing his pals through the woods or rolling in the snow!  The bond we've shared over the past few years is as enriching to us as it is to him.  As you can see, the handsome devil is also VERY photogenic!


Elgin and her cousin and best friend Oban are generally inseparable in the park!  They love racing around and tackling one another or simultaneously flopping down for a good roll in the grass.  When Elgin gets picked up, she has a difficult time deciding if she wants to leave her cozy bed or not but, when she sees her pals Hagrid and Oban in the car, her mind is made up for her.  The few moments it takes convincing her to leave the house are nothing in comparison to the time it takes to convince her to leave the park.   Elgin must know that life is short and precious as she prefers to live in the moment!



Finn is a blast!  He is completely at home at the park. He plays with anyone and everyone who is up for it.  When a new dog or group of dogs comes to the park, his giddiness flows over at the prospect of making new friends.  He always checks back in for some praise and attention but is happiest when he's racing around with Elgin and Oban or greeting a new pal!


Hagrid is the most loyal companion a person could ask for.  He seems to consider himself the protector of the group and makes sure to check everyone out before he gives his seal of approval.  From a young puppy to his current day self, he has always been a ton of fun!  He loves having a toy around or chasing the frisbee back and forth when we are out in the park behind our place.  He loves to wrestle with Elgin and Phoebe as well as his walker.  He has, and always will be, a great pal who loves a good belly scratch!


When Homer tilts his head in inquisitive fashion, it is priceless!  He loves when we fit in some time for fetch, not because he has any interest in the ball, but because he gets to chase the other dogs at top speed.  His short legs might suggest he can't keep up but that couldn't be further from the truth. When Homer isn't racing after the other dogs, he loves to play tug-o-war with the chuck-it or a rope toy.  At home, he loves to curl up on the couch with his collar off.  A small word of warning:  brooms beware!  Homer has never met a broom he didn't like and many a poor broom has lost a bristle or two.


Hudson is a striking pointer with a purpose!  He LOVES to explore!  The moment Hudson gets to the park, he is off and running.  His agility is quite astounding as he races through the trees, narrowly avoiding them but always in control, even at top speed.  When Hudson checks back in with his walker, he sticks around for some attention, a quick play with his pals Lucy and Turner or a quick drink, and then, he's off again.  His favourite game to play with his pals is "catch me if you can".  He leads them through the bush and then appears a short time later with pursuers in tow and a smile on his face!

Iggy Pup

The best phrase to use to describe Iggy is "Lovable Goofball!"  He is truly one of a kind!  His enthusiasm is infectious and he has a way of getting everyone going.  From racing around with Sadie and Turner, to wrestling with Lucy or Charlie, or just having a good roll in the grass, Iggy gets the most out of his time!  He loves when we wrestle in the snow or play hide and seek in the woods.  His sweet, lovable face endears him to all and his joy and excitement always brings a smile to the faces of those who watch him play!




Keva is everything that anyone could ever want from a female retriever.  She is incredibly loving, snuggly and full of life!  Before Keva moved awhile ago, she and her best friend Phoebe were always by each other's side.  They would have their daily routine of chasing and stalking one another, wrestling in the leaves for a time and then laying beside each other exhausted.   Keva was always an incredibly affectionate house guest who, for some reason, loved to sleep under the Fooseball table.  In fact, many of the dogs like that spot.  Keva is dealy missed.


Despite what  a few kids seem to think when they come across Lucy for the first time, no, she is not a bear.  She is, however, about as close to a living "teddy bear" as you could find.  Lucy is so sweet, loving and sensitive, that making a connection with her is easy.  Especially when you look into her deep brown eyes!  At the park, Lucy is a giant bundle of energy!   Even on the hottest days, she is always racing around. Everyone loves to wrestle with Lucy and her favourite game is to race into a pack of her pals, flop down on her back, and have them all jump on her and play.  Her best pals Dundee, Turner, Homer, Rocket and Iggy can't get enough of this game!  Lucy also provides the best hugs!


Meeya is a real sweetheart!  She always greets her walker with the biggest smile!  It is truly heart-warming to pick up Meeya as she always lets you know she is happy to see you.  When she gets in the car, she makes sure to reach into the front and give you a big, sloppy kiss or two.  Her favourite game to play at the park is tug-o-war and, though her photo might portray her as dainty, she is as strong as they come!  After her walker's arms get too tired to play with her anymore, she coerces her pals Angus or Iggy to pick up the slack.  Meeya was one of our first clients and she will always have a secure place in our hearts!


Oban is a loving and gentle soul who always brings one of her favourite toys to the door to greet you.  Her day is spent racing around with her best pal Elgin and having a good roll in the grass or a wrestle with Finn.  She is a very sociable girl who makes new friends very easily.  She endeared herself very quickly to her walker by coming over frequently for attention.  In fact, she will often paw at your hand if you try and start petting someone else just to let you know she wasn't done with you yet!  She especially loves a good scratch under the collar when you find just the right spot!


If a dog doesn't have Phoebe as one of their best pals, they've likely never met her.  Phoebe is truly a friend to all!  She plays with EVERYBODY!  Her enthusiasm, loving nature, sociability and toughness make her the ultimate playmate for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  From stalking Keva through the trees, to chasing the labs and Sawkin as they play fetch, to wrestling with Hagrid or Iggy or rolling in the leaves, Phoebe loves life!  She loves it when her walker crouches down low, slowly creeps towards her and then lunges at the stick or toy in her mouth.  She races away with a huge grin!


Riley is a big, handsome guy who loves to flirt with the girls!   He is an extremely loyal pal who loves chasing his pals around while trying to nip at their bums.  At home, Riley can snuggle with the best of them and he loves trying to squeeze his huge frame onto the couch so he can put his head in your lap!  As our legs fall asleep we realize, thanks to Riley, it's time to get a bigger couch!  To the people he loves, he is incredibly affectionate and feels it is his responsibility to protect them.  He is a dear friend!



The biggest Poodle we've ever come across, Rocket is a genuinely gentle giant!  An incredibly affectionate boy, Rocket never strays too far from his walker as he LOVES attention!  Rocket's best pals are Bella and Lucy and he often wrestles with the latter as she rolls in the grass.  He is a very intelligent and sensitive guy who often makes us think of the wise old owl.  It is very easy to get lost in his big fluffy coat as you can't help but lavish him with attention!




Sawkin's zeal for life and outside time is unmatched.  The moment he hears the clasp of his leash snap and his walker give him the "Okay" command, he hits the ground running!  As lithe and agile as they come, Sawkin practically defies gravity as he bounds over fallen trees in the woods.  He has made a friend for life with his daily companion Phoebe who always gives Sawkin a good game of tug-o-war and proves to be almost a match for his wrestling prowess.  Sawkin truly belies the Hollywood stereotype of a Doberman as he is incredibly sweet and sensitive.  He loves to play fetch with his pals Angus and Berkeley as well.


If we were ever lost in the woods, Sadie would be our choice to guide us home!  Incredibly smart, loyal and loving, Sadie is an excellent companion.  While at play, her herding nature often shines through as she tries to keep everyone in check and makes sure nobody plays too rough.  Her favourite pals to run and wrestle with are Iggy and her best friend Turner.  When she visits on weekends, Sadie is quick to make our place her home by plopping herself on top of the couch with her favourite toy Simba or sprawling out right in the middle of the bed so she receives maximum attention!

From the moment Sophie hears the key turn in the lock, this happy girl's tail starts wagging, and doesn't stop until she gets in the car!  Seemingly always wearing a smile, Sophie can't wait to sniff around the park once she arrives, looking for the best possible spot for a playful roll in the grass.  She loves exploring around, be it disappearing into the greenery for a few moments, bounding into the water for a quick splash, or running to meet and greet her friends.  As much as she likes to play fetch, more often than not she retrieves the item so she can play tug-of-war with her walker or a fellow dog! 


Morning, aftenoon or night, Turner is always an amazing pal!  She is as sweet and playful as anyone could ever ask for.  She is usually the first pickup of the day and always helps start the day off right with an awesome greeting!  Turner has been dubbed the class president as all the dogs know and love her.  She loves playing with her best pals Sadie and Iggy, racing through the snow, chasing squirrels through the woods or administering sloppy kisses to her walker!   Turner is always incredibly well-behaved at home and we just love having her over!  She has been a great pal since she was a pup and we love her dearly!

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