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Kennel-Free Boarding

When you and your family are enjoying some much needed vacation time, isn't it a huge weight off your mind to know that your dog is getting the best care availaible?  Well, look no further!  Whether you're out of town for a weekend, a week or a month, your dog will feel right at home with us.  When we go camping,  BBQing at friends houses, visiting family over the holidays or when we are just playing around the house, our dogs always have a friend closeby!  We always provide a safe environment for your loved one and your dog will never be left for hours in a kennel!  We feel that consistency is a huge part of maintaining a happy dog, so we want to make sure that our home feels like your home. 


Your daily boarding rate includes all walks throughout the day as well as pickup and dropoff at your home.  We provide beds, treats, toys, entertainment and, of course, love for your dog!  You provide us with food, a special toy or blanket for the first visit or two, a list of all dietary restrictions or allergy concerns as well as any existing conditions that we need to know about.  As well, we will take down your contact info where we can reach you while you are away as well as your Veterinarian's info.  We've never had the need to take any of our visitors to the Vet but we like to be prepared!  For lengthy stays, we will make sure to keep you up to date via email with progress reports.  When you first contact us, we will arrange a meet and greet at your convenience so that we may have a little time to bond with your dog before you go away.  Then, we will arrange our pickup and dropoff times and the countdown to both yours and your dog's vacations begins!  Upon your return, please don't get too upset if your dog wants to stay with us.... It happens :)


$55/night for one dog


$90/night for two dogs



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