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 Doug's Dogs 

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Jer Osborne

Raised in and around Alliston in south central Ontario, I spent a lot of days working and playing outside in both town and country.  After all, who wants to be cooped up indoors all the time?  Playing baseball, football, soccer and frisbee, as well as biking and camping in the summer, being outdoors has always been one of the places I feel the most at home, regardless of the season.

Growing up, I was constantly around animals; we always seemed to have a cat or a dog in my house.  My uncle had hounds, my friends had dogs, and I would take my neighbour's dogs for walks in my small hometown.  The value of an animal's companionship and unconditional love was something I learned from a young age, and to this day I have a hard time passing an animal without greeting it. 

I've known Doug since high school, and have been fortunate enough to be a close friend through his years of dog walking and training.  This enabled me to spend time with the many dogs he's walked and boarded.  That, coupled with the passion Doug has for both his work and his dogs, inspired me to join him in this most fulfilling venture!

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