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Doug Hummel

I was born in Barrie, ON and raised just outside of the small town of Cookstown about halfway between Toronto and Barrie.   My father Monte, President of WWF Canada, and my mother Marion, dedicated elementary school teacher, provided me with an excellent upbringing.  The values of patience, compassion and responsibility they instilled in me as well as a great understanding, respect and love of the natural world, provided me with the tools that I feel are necessary and indeed vital to working with animals.  My beautiful bride Rachael and I were wed in October 2012.  I enjoy camping, canoeing, ultimate frisbee and playing my guitar as well as hanging out on the couch with Rach on one side and a dog on the other.

Dogs have always been an integral part of my life. While growing up, our three Black Labs, Walter, Splash and Ransom and our Cocker Spaniel Bailey all had a hand in teaching me that the unconditional love of a well cared for pet can be one of the most cherished things in a person's life.  It is obvious I took this lesson to heart!  Fostering dogs through the humane society while growing up was also an enriching experience. 


After finishing high school and while attending school in Kingston I took the position of Assistant Trainer under Professional Retriever Trial Trainer, William Little.  For two years I taught basic obedience to the younger dogs while also assisting Bill in the more advanced Retriever Training.  Upon returning home from school I was hired by another dog walking/daycare company in Toronto.  After a year and a half working for someone else, I realized that I was very passionate about the work.  I also realized that I could provide a much better and more rewarding experience for dog and owner alike if I were making the rules.  In April of 2008 I established Doug's Dogs and ever since, it has been reaffirmed to me that I have discovered my true calling!  In 2014 I aim to further my animal education by receiving official accreditation to become a Professional Trainer.  I wish to provide all the dogs of the GTA the tools they need to be happy, healthy and thrive in this dog eat dog world!

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