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Does your dog know the SCORE?  The SCORE is the basic set of principles our dog walkers follow to ensure that all of our clients and their dogs are receiving the optimal experience.   Safety, Consistency, Off-Leash, Rapport and Enthusiasm make up the 5 principle system that our walkers utilize to make sure everybody is happy!


SAFETY is, of course, of the utmost importance when caring for somebody's loved one.  Our walkers are extremely concientious drivers and adhere to the rules of the road as we realize the precious cargo that we carry!  Until we get to know a dog extremely well, we take them to enclosed areas to ensure they will never stray too far.  Because we limit our groups to a maximum of 6, we never have problems keeping an eye on everyone.  When you hire us, you will have one and only one walker coming in and out of your house for the life of your dog,  which allows for the highest security for your family and your home.  We will also have all of your contact info at hand, including your vet info, and we are fully insured in case of a mishap.  If we weren't safe, we'd be out of work so believe us when we say that your dog's security as well as your family's is our most important principle!


CONSISTENCY, we have found, is the backbone to having a well-adjusted, happy dog.  Whether it's consistency with diet, feeding times, walk times or, based on your training techniques, rewards and/or corrections, dogs are generally creatures of habit and thrive when order and consistency are present.  When your dog has the same person arrive to pick them up around the same time every day, and when that person uses the same command words that are used at home, they will fall into a happy and rewarding routine that they will look forward to every day!  We will also be happy to teach your dog and explain to you as well a couple of words we use that may help along the way.  When our dogs are on their best behaviour, they are rewarded with lots of praise and occasional treats.  We would love to give them treats every time they deserve them but we know that the healthier and fitter a dog stays, the longer their life will be.  The very rare occasions when they excessively do what they are not supposed to (being overly aggressive, humping excessively, eating poop, etc.) they receive brief time outs.  A dog may not learn everything you want them to overnight but, if you provide them with consistency, they will surprise you in no time!


OFF-LEASH parks are plentiful in the city and we make full use of them!  To ensure that your dog gets the proper exercise and socialization necessary to being a happy and confident canine,  we will gladly go out of our way to provide a safe setting where all of our dogs can be off-leash for the hour they spend outside with us.  Getting to know other dogs as well as learning how to act around them is an important part of the life of a city dog.  Being able to "cut loose" and expend all of their excess energy will keep them happy in the park and better behaved at home.  Many issues at home (excessive chewing, barking, etc.) can largely be attributed to too much pent up energy which can't be released without a great run.  Our dogs often look sadly at the other walkers that keep their dogs on-leash all the time and walk them along the sidewalk.  The sadness lasts mere moments however as they know it is not their fault that the restrained dogs owners didn't call Doug's Dogs first.  They just wish they could join us on our off-leash adventure!


RAPPORT is why we do what we do!  The mutual love between a dog and its owner or pet care provider can be the most fulfilling and uplifting thing in a person's life.  Building a very strong bond with our dogs is the key to our success with them.  Only when we have earned their respect and admiration by employing our 5 principle system will our dogs know that we want what's best for them.  When we have earned their trust, they will do what we ask on the way to having a safe and happy outing.  It is easiest to build a good rapport with puppies which is one of the reasons we LOVE puppies but, regardless of the age of the dog, we will always put in the time and effort to learn what makes each individual tick.   If it is a good one, the rapport built between your dog and your walker will go a long way towards keeping your dog happy and well-behaved!


ENTHUSIASM is probably the easiest part of what we do for your dog but that is not to say it isn't as important as the other principles.  It is!  Every walk begins with an enthusiastic greeting which furthers the bond between your dog and your walker.  Having a great love of dogs as well as a genuine enjoyment for being outside in all four seasons, fuels our daily enthusiasm which will, in turn, provide the happiest of environments for your dog to run, play and learn.   What can we say, it's pretty easy to be enthusiastic when you get to be around great dogs all day!


If you are interested in our dog walking service, please contact us at your convenience to set up a meet and greet!




To a dog, life is really just a big game!

When your dog knows the SCORE, they will win every time!


$17/hr walk for one dog


$30/hr walk for two dogs



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