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Quotes We simply don't know what we would do without Jer and Sophie couldn't be happier! We met Doug as a neighbour in our midtown loft and we had always been impressed with the care he took with his K9 charges as well as with his professionalism and all-around good nature. At the time we had another walker whom our dog Sophie liked very much. However, when we moved to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood we were not able to retain our existing walker and we were greatly concerned about finding a new person to look after our special needs dog. We therefore can't express how happy we were to find out that Doug's business partner Jer would be able to care for Sophie for us in our new neighbourhood. Sophie has LOVED Jer from the moment she first met him. She has never been happier to be picked up for her daily walk and she comes home everyday tired and content. We feel very confident in entrusting Jer with the daily care of Sophie and we couldn't recommend Doug's Dogs more highly :) Quotes
Mark Howard and Sarah Ward

Quotes "I moved to midtown Toronto just over a year ago and was in need of a new dogwalker for Oban. There was no question in my mind that Doug was the right choice. Doug has been walking Oban's cousin Elgin for years, and I have always been impressed by his calming influence and ability to bond with dogs. On the odd occasion that I am home when Doug comes to the door, Oban doesn't think twice about leaving with him for some fun at the park! Doug's description of Oban included on this website also proved to me that he knows her character very well. I feel confident in my choice and think that Doug is a great dogwalker!" Quotes
Jocelyn Deeks

Quotes We discovered Doug's Dogs in a local school newsletter after moving to a new neighbourhood with our new hound from the pound in 2009. We knew nothing about Doug, but after speaking with him and his references we handed over our house keys and our pup. We knew right away Iggy Pup had found the dog walker of his dreams. It didn't take long for Iggy to throw his paws around Doug's shoulders as soon as he arrived to pick him up for his walk (still does). We could tell by the way Doug interacted with Iggy that he really cared. He treated Ig the same way we would at home. The way he'd talk about Iggy mucking about with his pals, we knew he was in good hands. Doug has a gentle, loving, but firm approach with his dogs. Between walking and boarding Iggy, Doug's proven responsive and responsible. He'll let you know the moment something is amiss with your dog. Doug's truly become part of Iggy's pack and as long as Ig has a say in it, Doug will be part of his pack for life. Quotes
Seema & Stan
Satisfied Client

Quotes From the moment I met Doug, I knew my dog Bailey was going to get the best of care. He was so warm and welcoming and Bailey's tail didn't stop wagging. No matter what the weather was, he was always out for his hour walk. If he was picked up late due to bad weather he would be brought back even later and he was always toweled off very well. When I talked to some other friends they frequently had muddy homes after their walker dropped their dog off. The first time we left Bailey for a weekend, it was comforting to know we could call Doug at anytime and he frequently texted us with updates. Bailey never looks back when we drop him off at Doug's place now and I would highly recommend Doug's Dogs to any of you animal lovers out there! Quotes
Belinda Goffman

Quotes Doug's team has been walking Dundee since he was a puppy, close to six years ago. All I know is, when Doug arrives Dundee flies out the door without paying any attention to us! Quotes
Lynda Reeves

Quotes We have known Doug since our dog, Lucy, was a puppy, nearly six years ago. Doug and Lucy have an unbelievable relationship that is very strong and is their own, yet Lucy sees Doug as part of our family. In our experience, Doug is not a dog walker strictly for the function of dog walking. He genuinely bonds with the dogs as if they were his own, and therefore improves their overall well-being. Lucy has a friendly and warm disposition due, in part, to Doug's influence and style. Doug also has the ability to be firm when necessary. In any case, it seems that sometimes Lucy responds to Doug better than she responds to us at home! In addition, he demonstrates an exemplary level of professionalism, communicates well and is very responsive. What's important to us? He is on schedule - always. He has yet to ever miss a date, and his middle name should be reliable. As a busy family, we have relied on Doug every week, year round, for nearly six years. We strongly endorse Doug's Dogs Quotes
Drew and Alexia Coles

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