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 Doug's Dogs 

Your Dog's Best Friend!

Welcome to Doug's Dogs!

The Pet Care Professionals at Doug's Dogs have been providing superior care for beloved dogs all over the city of Toronto for over five years.  We pride ourselves in being the very best to ensure that all of our dogs are as happy, healthy and loved as possible.  We truly are your dog's best friend!


We believe our Dog Walking  service is unrivalled in the city.  Our group walks are always an hour in length and that time starts when we arrive at the park where we take our dogs for a daily off-leash adventure!  We limit our group sizes to 6 or fewer which is the supposed city limit and we show up day in, day out for four seasons a year and in all weather.  We also strongly believe in consistency with our dogs so, unlike other larger companies, when you hire us, you will have the same walker for the life of your dog with a few rare exceptions (Illness, Injury, Walker vacation time).  That means primarily one person will enter your house providing you with the maximum amount of security possible.  We would like to tell you that all walking companies in the city adhere to these basic principles but, sadly, it simply wouldn't be the truth.  It frequently amazes us how few dog walkers we see when the weather gets bad.  Where do they go?  It is also quite astounding to see how often walkers bring in groups of 10 or more at a time, arrive after us and leave before us.  As well, some dog owners we talk to tell us that they can have up to half a dozen different people entering their home in the span of a month!  It is every pet owner's right to know that they are getting exactly what they pay for and we hope people are as thorough in asking questions as possible.  You and your dog deserve the best!


Our other primary service is Kennel-Free Boarding When your dog stays with us, they get the royal treatment!  They are never stuck in a kennel by themselves and they always have a friend close by.  After most of our clients hear of the fun we have up at the cottage or at friend's houses for barbeques, they realize the best choice for their dog when they are away is to have us look after them.  We can't wait to snuggle on the couch with your dog on your next vacation!



Please take a moment to check out our more in-depth descriptions of our services and our great photos.  Don't forget to check back again for more great photos and our weekly walking videos coming soon!




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